This Week's Album Picks

The past 2 weeks have been hectic with travel and work so I'm looking forward to finally catching up on some music. There's been a number of releases from some of my favorite artists, and since I'm in London I'm trying to sample some local sounds too.

Son Little **Son Little** *Son Little* The EP released a few months ago has been on constant rotation in the office. Highly recommend a listen.

Saintseneca Saintseneca
Such Things
Relatively rare I discover bands from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Always pleased when I do, especially when I like their sound.

Deerhunter Deerhunter
Fading Frontier
I've really dug the eery sound that's defined Deerhunter's previous albums. Fading Frontiers heads in a slightly different eery direction,

Beach House Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Beach House's continues to crush 2015 with their second release of the year.

!!! !!!
As If
I've always felt !!! doesn't get enough credit. Each of their albums routinely , and a great choice when you need some energy.

Small Black Small Black
Best Blues
Small Black brings back some great memories for me as it was one of the few albums I had on my iPod during my 2-month bike trek across South America. Their unique sound can make hours melt away, perfect for long rides or long days in front of the computer.

Neon Indian Neon Indian
Vega Intl. Night School
Fans of Neon Indian should enjoy this quality follow-up.

Dilly Dally Dilly Dally
On the rougher side but worth a listen.

After hearing a few singles over the past few months I've been looking forward to this album. It didn't disappoint. A few tracks are sure to end up on my running mix.

Majical Cloudz Majical Cloudz
Are You Alone?
A truly beautiful experience.

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler

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