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Hi, I'm Brett DeWoody, a slow nomad, code craftsman, part-time bike explorer, music addict, mountain jogger, Frontend Developer at Citrusbyte and Frontend Student Mentor at Thinkful.

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RAMA / Machine Industries / MassDrop M10-A Setup

A few months ago I joined the drop for the Massdrop x RAMA M10-A Mechanical Mini Pad - a programmable 10-key mini-pad designed by a collaboration between industrial design studio RAMA WORKS and UK-based manufacturer Machine Industries. The keypad is CNC-ed from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a hefty weight. In short, it's absolutely beautiful. Included with the machined housing and reprogrammable 10-key PCB is a set of Cherry switches, keycaps and micro-USB cable. The keypad was available unassembled or assembled for a few bucks more. I

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Coworking Office Tour: RocketSpace

This past week I had the chance to tour the soon-to-open RocketSpace campus in London. The Islington location builds on the success of their San Francisco campus and will be followed by new campuses in Australia and others in Europe. RocketSpace's campuses are more than just coworking offices (though the London campus does have hot-desks available), the building is designed for small, growing start-ups. Our tour guide explained they typically look for start-ups who have received at least one round of post-F&F funding. The

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Modifying Body Attributes in React

Quick tutorial on how to add attributes to the <body> element within a React app. There are many use cases for this - the primary being to add a class (e.i. <body class="some--class">, and it works for any other attribute. The reason this is needed is because the <body> lies 'outside' most React apps. The recommended setup for React is to add a <div> within a page's <body> where your root component

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Coworking Office Tour: Porto i/o

Last week my wife and I had the chance to hop down to Porto, Portugal for a few days - flying in early Friday morning and departing the following Wednesday. As I'm not a fan of working from (most) hotel rooms I scoped out the coworking office options and booked a desk at Porto i/o. Porto i/o has two locations, Downtown and Riverside, both within the central historic area. The Downtown location is a bright, 3-story building with communal desks, coffee/snacks and meeting

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PunkAPI Javascript Wrapper

This weekend I created a Javascript wrapper for the PunkAPI - an unofficial API for querying beers from the BrewDog DIY catalog. Even if you're a developer some of that might not have made sense. BrewDog is a brewery, started in 2005 in Aberdeen, Scotland, who now operates dozens of beer bars around the world. They recently broke into the U.S. market with a brewery in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. They produce great beers and make the recipes for past brews available through the

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