Statamic Add-on: Global Variable Editor

Based on feedback and requests I've updated my Global Variable Editor add-on for Statamic. Namely the ability to use Statamic's fieldtypes within the global variable editor.

Version 1 of the add-on was bare-bones, merely a tab within the Statamic control panel to edit global variables through a standard text input field. Within days of releasing the add-on I had requests for additional fieldtypes.

Version 2##

Version 2 allows global variables to take advantage of Statamic's fieldtypes, making the global variables more flexible and easier to edit for site admins. This allows global variables to use fieldtypes like redactor, radio, select and others.

Allowed fieldtypes are:

  • checkbox
  • checkboxes
  • date
  • markitup
  • radio
  • redactor - no file uploads
  • select
  • tags
  • table
  • text
  • textarea
  • time
  • users


One change in the new add-on is how global variables are used in templates. To output a global variable use the {{globes}} tag with a name parameter. For example, if you created a phone variable:


    name: phone
    display: Phone
    type: text
    value: 555-555-5555

to display the phone variable in a template you would use:

`{{ globes name='phone' }}`

More info about the add-on are available on Github.

Planned Changes##

I'd like to add support for the file fieldtype as it would be useful for changing static images on the site. Hopefully this will happen in the coming weeks.

If you want to request other features or changes post a comment below.