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Hi, I'm Brett DeWoody, a slow nomad, code craftsman, part-time bike explorer, music addict, mountain jogger, Frontend Developer at Citrusbyte and Frontend Student Mentor at Thinkful.

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Optimizing Ghost theme CSS files

I recently updated this site to Ghost v1.5.2 and took the chance to update the theme. The site now uses the Blacklist theme. Out of the box it's a pretty speedy theme with Google Pagespeed ranking it a 91 on Desktop and 74 on Mobile. The main issue for both tests is the optimization of the CSS files. That is, the themes loads 4-6 CSS/font files instead of bundling them into a single optimized CSS file. Since bundling files is dead simple these

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Turing Fest 2017 Summary - Day 2

The Road to Microservices and Beyond by Adrian Mouat @adrianmouat The 2-pizza rule - Development teams should be able to be fed by 2 pizzas. So no teams larger than 6-8 people. Any larger and communication becomes an issue. Trend is local hardware to cloud servers, monolithic architecture to micro services, and serverless Minor Bug Fixes by Rob Gill @rob_gill_ Nobody reads release notes for app updates because they're hidden behind a View More link as a result companies don't write informative release notes even

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Turing Fest 2017 Summary - Day 1

Opening Remarks by Brian Corcoran @brianc13 1,300 people attending this years conference Attendees and speakers from all over the world Past the Initial Flywheel: What Companies Can Learn About Product Scaling by Supriya Uchil From International expansion - merely changing the language isn't usually the solution Focus on tailoring the product for individual customers Intent Testing - small tests you can learn about customers to develop a strategy for expanding into new markets Are you creating a company or a legacy? People like

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Crossbrowser Testing Localhost on Sauce Labs

Ran into a pesky bug on Internet Explorer 11 this past week. Being on a Mac, and without access to a machine that runs Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 I decided the easiest route was to use one of the cross-browser testing services. There are now a handful of them out there - Browserstack, Sauce Labs, Cross Browser Testing, among others. Most share a similar feature set - manual and automated testing of sites and apps, but there are some differences. For example, Sauce Labs

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Adding SSL to Ghost on DigitalOcean

This morning I went through the unexpectedly pleasant experience of adding an SSL certification to this site. Turned out to be much easier than I planned on, and there was only one small hiccup I was able to resolve quickly. I opted to go with a free Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate and use the automated installation from certbot. The certbot instructions were straightforward and only took a few minutes to complete, but did result in one issue, so here's a quick tutorial on how to

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