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Hi, I'm Brett DeWoody, a slow nomad, code craftsman, part-time bike explorer, music addict, mountain jogger, Frontend Engineer at Theorem and Technical Expert at Thinkful.

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Crossbrowser Testing Localhost on Sauce Labs

Ran into a pesky bug on Internet Explorer 11 this past week. Being on a Mac, and without access to a machine that runs Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 I decided the easiest route was to use one of the cross-browser testing services. There are now a handful of them out there - Browserstack, Sauce Labs, Cross Browser Testing, among others. Most share a similar feature set - manual and automated testing of sites and apps, but there are some differences. For example, Sauce Labs offers Real Device testing - allowing you to upload a mobile application to test on actual devices. Anyway, I needed to test a local app running on localhost:3000 on IE11/Windows 10. In the past I've always used a

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Adding SSL to Ghost on DigitalOcean

This morning I went through the unexpectedly pleasant experience of adding an SSL certification to this site. Turned out to be much easier than I planned on, and there was only one small hiccup I was able to resolve quickly. I opted to go with a free Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificate and use the automated installation from certbot. The certbot instructions were straightforward and only took a few minutes to complete, but did result in one issue, so here's a quick tutorial on how to add an SSL cert to your Ghost site quickly. First, a few specifics about my current setup: Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) Nginx 1.4.6 Ghost 0.11.10 Hosted on DigitalOcean Install the necessary packages sudo apt-get update sudo

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RAMA / Machine Industries / MassDrop M10-A Setup

A few months ago I joined the drop for the Massdrop x RAMA M10-A Mechanical Mini Pad - a programmable 10-key mini-pad designed by a collaboration between industrial design studio RAMA WORKS and UK-based manufacturer Machine Industries. The keypad is CNC-ed from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a hefty weight. In short, it's absolutely beautiful. Included with the machined housing and reprogrammable 10-key PCB is a set of Cherry switches, keycaps and micro-USB cable. The keypad was available unassembled or assembled for a few bucks more. I went with unassembled. Assembly of the M10-A The physical assembly of the keypad wasn't too bad. To start I watched a few videos as a refresher on soldering. Then soldered in the Cherry MX Clear switches, popped on the keycaps,

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Coworking Office Tour: RocketSpace

This past week I had the chance to tour the soon-to-open RocketSpace campus in London. The Islington location builds on the success of their San Francisco campus and will be followed by new campuses in Australia and others in Europe. RocketSpace's campuses are more than just coworking offices (though the London campus does have hot-desks available), the building is designed for small, growing start-ups. Our tour guide explained they typically look for start-ups who have received at least one round of post-F&F funding. The London campus is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland building and built in a figure-eight shape - two connected circular buildings with courtyards in the middle. This floorplan maximizes the number of offices with windows and is a feature

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Modifying Body Attributes in React

Quick tutorial on how to add attributes to the <body> element within a React app. There are many use cases for this - the primary being to add a class (e.i. <body class="some--class">, and it works for any other attribute. The reason this is needed is because the <body> lies 'outside' most React apps. The recommended setup for React is to add a <div> within a page's <body> where your root component will be rendered, like this: <html> <head> </head> <body> <div id="root"> <!-- Root Component --> </div> </body> </html> Add

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